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Explanatory notes

  1. 1236 people in total are indexed. There may be overlaps (if the same person appeared in plural different name). In addition, some people who could not be found out the relationship with Sun Yat-sen are also included.

  2. Names are arranged in the order of the Japanese style with of family name first, given name second.

  3. Chinese characters (kanji) are written in the post-1949 Japanese style.

  4. Family and given names are used as a rule, but in some cases alias have been used such as Miyazaki Toten.

  5. Kana alongside the Chinese characters of the name is used for filing, however, if this is not available, the Chinese reading of characters is used.

  6. For clarification dates of births and deaths are represented using the Christian Era.

  7. The birthplace is represented in present Japanese prefectures.

  8. Explanations of people center on the connection with Sun Yat-sen. Even though historically an important person, one may be classified as if a small relationship with Sun Yat-sen.

  9. * = reference

  10. 1 We write down the reference code number if the data can be searched through the internet from Center for Asian Historical Record. “B” represents the data from the Diplomatic Record Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “C” represents the data from the Library of The National Institute for Defense Studies of the Ministry of Defense. Searching way (example: Miyazaki Toten B03050067400) : the homepage of Center for Asian Historical Record ( → browsing data → searching reference code → code number (B03050067400) → enter → browsing → input the page number (7)

  11. *Not every person has reference code.

  12. 2 Bibliographies are represented in abbreviation from pp.118 to pp.125. A bibliography with many volumes is shown as ( ) to represent its volume. (example: Miyazaki 1 (5) represented volume 5 of Miyazaki Toten zenshu)
    *Toa senkaku shishi kiden edited by Kokuryu kai and Taishi kaiko roku edited by Toa doubun kai are only represented as Toa senkaku and Taishi kaiko respectively and not indicated the volume.

  13. ☆ = annotation, representing different term.

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